My progress : How I am learning Middle Egyptian(Hieroglyphic)

How is my Progress?

I haven’t post for while and here is my update 🙂

I am learning Middle Egyptian by James P. Allen.

It is a wonderful book for people who are serious about learning Hieroglyphic and hieroglyphs.

SoI am learning ancient Egyptian grammar.

And it’s super fun! To be able to read hieroglyphs and understand hieroglyphic! Not just I know how each sign sounds. But meanings as well. Even after thousands of years passed I can communicate with them!

Through the book I am learning verbs, nouns, phrases and so on. Everything I need to be able to read and understand hieroglyphs fluently.

How I Learn Middle Egyptian

What is the hardest part of learning?
I thought the hardest part was memorizing all signs and words. But it is actually my own frustration of feeling like I am not smart enough.

But if I could go pass though my own limited mind set then take my time to learn and go with my own way then it is not that hard.

It is a matter of keep on learning. It is matter of wanting to learn what I love✨

Some people might only take few months. But I might take few years. But it is OK.

Cause I love Egypt❤

So here are how I am learning Middle Egyptian

When I learn a new language I learn by reading lots and lots and memorize.

I usually only need three books :

  1. One good novel
  2. Good grammar books
  3. A Dictionary

When I was studying English I read Harry Potter with a dictionary. And I used color makers and a pencil to write meanings of each word and figure out grammar and how each sentence compose.

Usually it is opposite. People learn grammar first but somehow I can do better if I can memorize actual sentences. This is I believe one of the way of a man who can speak more than 20 languages. Read a book with a dictionary on one hand and memorize(He mastered a language in few months).

Since I could not find good novels in Ancient Egyptian(and it is too long for me), first thing I did was to pick up which script to read.

The first Pick : A kohl tube

(Photo source : Metropolitan Museum)

It’s short and easy.

So I read this using a dictionary. And just memorized entire script and meaning of each words.

Then I wrote them too.

Because the script was so easy and I could understand what it said I feel encouraged and decided to go for another script.

(By the way I’ve decided to skip transcription because my memory capacity and I believe Ancient people could read with just hieroglyphs. But yes it is necessary to learn to transcribe. So in feature when I feel ready)

Second pick : Throne of Princess Sitamun


Replica of Princess Sitamun by Alensha

This is a good pick since the name and some words on the Kohl tube and this chair is the same. Both inscribed with the name of the Princess. This time I’ve decided to learn grammar as well.
So you will see this in the memo below :


I use a dictionary and a grammar book to understand this sentence. Which is noun, which is verb and orders of preposition, how plural form works and so on(please note the memo might be wrong. Because I don’t learn grammar first, so I have to guess and fix and guess and fix x REPEAT till I settle to the right answer).

I am also learning calligraphy too from this website.(The PDF is the same as recommended below)

When I pick up actual script from either artifacts or stelas etc I usually pick the ones which were translated by other people. So I can correct my mistake. This is one thing about self study. That there is no one to correct me(this is why my English is not perfect cause I self-taught).

So here was how I am studying and next is my recommended resources.

My Highly Recommended Resource

MUST HAVE Grammar Book

Middle Egyptian byJames P. Allen

I believe this is one of the best grammar book. I probably don’t need other books on grammar this is full and all about Egyptian grammar and author is also a good teacher. You can borrow this one from library or purchase(bit expensive but if you are serious about learning and this i my highly recommended grammar book). Kindle version available. No need to carry this heavy book.

Do you want to learn Calligraphy for hieroglyphs?

Ancient Egyptian Calligraphy
Fischer, Henry George (1988)

It’s not easy to write them and there are many similar signs and I tend to get confused the difference. (There are about 20 different kinds of bird signs. But many of them look so similar.)

Here in the PDF the author taught students how to write beautiful calligraphy of hieroglyphics. Sign by sign. Explain the difference with other similar sign and how to write(or draw) correctly.

The PDF will teach you how to write beautiful hieroglyphs and also how to distinguish similar signs. This PDF is offered FREE.

Use Dictionary APP to Save Your time

English / Hieroglyph Dictionary

I love this app so much. And I do still need to check with different source(but let’s say if I use Gardner’s dictionary I would still check different source) yet mostly I use this app for translation. It is much faster to check words and I love that I can search with transliteration, translation or signs.

There is also another dictionary app for Hieroglyphs and it is still developing but I thought it is good. Both I heard using the same source for the dictionaries. They are both free and let’s give lots of gratitude!

By the way I learn all on my device

The grammar book on kindle(it cheaper too).

I find script from internet.
I use electronic paper on my phone to practice writing and taking notes(I use ‘Inkredible’ on google app store! They have look beautiful and elegant pen tips, so I love it. My poor hieroglyphs would not look so pretty without this app)

love Paperless life ❤

How do you learning Hieroglyphs?
Do you have any recommended resources?
What is your favorite scripts?

Share in comment!


9 thoughts on “My progress : How I am learning Middle Egyptian(Hieroglyphic)

  1. ritaroberts says:

    Hello Muna. Just to say there is a little problem with your blog posts because when I click on the title of your last three posts It comes back saying (THIS POST CANNOT BE FOUND) which means I have not been able to read any of your posts so that I can leave a comment for you. It seems I can get to your old posts but not your recent ones. I am not sure what is wrong but can you check your blog Best wishes from Rita.

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    • Muna Moon says:

      Hello Rita! I apology for the trouble. I have some trouble with writing articles and I did few times published and changed to draft yesterday. I think this is why you can click the tittles but can not see the contents. Even I changed to draft quickly but I think the system did not change the update swiftly or could not change.

      I will upload one post soon 🙂

      Sorry about the trouble.



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